The people who have stepped up to run Arcanacon in 2015 are:

Django Upton, Venue Coordinator and Canteen Manager

Lisa Presley, Promotions Coordinator

Very much a latecomer to roleplaying, I attended my first roleplaying convention in 2012 and joined the Arcanacon organisational committee late in 2013. I have done all I can to make up for what I have missed, however, and have become as involved with the roleplaying community as I can fit into my schedule. Looking forward to seeing many wonderful roleplayers at future conventions, and hopefully getting to play some of these amazing games with you all!

Matthew Weatherson, Miniatures Coordinator

Melanie Weatherson, Registrar and Volunteer Coordinator

Andrew MacLennan, RPG Coordinator

Andrew dislikes writing about himself in the third person, so he’s going to stop that. I’ve been attending Roleplaying Conventions all the way back to Arcanacon VIII (that was in 1990 - check the Archive!) initially as a player, then as a game writer and eventually as an Organiser. At Arcanacon, I’ve historically been behind the registration desk, have taken over as MC for the awards ceremony, and this year I'll wearing the RPG Coordinator's hat*. (Talk to me if you want to run a roleplaying event and/or have any questions.) I like my games to be fun and full of story, with plenty of player contributions, and my caffeine to be cold, bubbly and full of sugar.

* note: not an actual hat


Peter Mars, Traders Coordinator

Koula Klementou, Treasurer

I was introduced to Arcanacon by a very good friend quite a few years ago. It was a week of many firsts for me; my first time to Melbourne, first time attending a role playing convention, and first time on a plane. It sparked a love affair with this beautiful city, flash forward some 10+ years, and I now live here in Melbourne.

I have many fond Arcanacon memories, not only of played games but also of the wonderful and welcoming people, many who are now friends. My journey to becoming an Organiser began as a volunteer. I enjoyed helping out at the convention so much, I signed up for Organiser duty in 2014. See you all at Arcanacon XXXIII!

Travis Hall, Webmaster

I started roleplaying in my last year of high school, up in Brisbane. In 1998, when I became jaded by the pressures of running conventions up in Brisbane, I travelled to Melbourne for Arcanacon, theorising that 1600km from home where nobody knew me, everybody would leave me alone to just play some games. I enjoyed it and the other Melbourne conventions so much I eventually moved here. Now I help run Arcanacon, everyone seems to know me and I don’t get to play nearly so much.

This year, I’ve been firmly instructed by the other organisers to sit in front of my computer and write code until either we have a new registration system or I go mad trying. So far it’s been go– Ia Ia Cyberthulhu Ftagn!