Arcanacon 2013: After the Apocalypse

2012 was the year of End of the World Con, which means that 2013 is the year that Arcanacon goes Post-Apocalyptic.

Arcanacon XXXI Needs Your Help!

Running Arcanacon is always a lot of work. Unfortunately, every year there seems to be less people pitching in to do that work. If you love your convention and want to make sure it continues, you may wish to volunteer to help us run the convention.

You don’t need any special skills or qualifications, and you don't need to have been involved in the organisation during the lead-up to the convention. An extra pair of hands goes a long way even if all you can do is follow simple instructions. You might be called upon to move a few tables, help run the rego desk, sell a few packets of chips or walk the halls collecting room slips, but most likely nothing more onerous than those chores.

A new event has been added in AON: Volunteer to Help the Convention. It runs every session. If you can spare a few hours to give us a hand, please sign up during the in which session you’d like to help.

Open For Player Registration

Arcanacon is now open for player registration. To attend, please sign up for the convention and for games using AON.

Naturally, this means we are no longer accepting event submissions.

Arc40K: Warhammer 40K at Arcanacon

Despite being by far the biggest event at Arcanacon XXXI, the 40K tournament does not feature heavily on this site. The reason for this is because this event has an entire domain of their own. If you hope to play in that tournament, please sign up there.