Welcome to Arcanacon XV

The Syd Monster aka the Arcanasaur

3rd - 6th July 1997

Collingwood College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Late Breaking News! Card Players will get a $5 discount (which amounts to not having to pay the late fee) as apparently (we have just been informed) the pricing structure is not appropriate.

Soothsayer - new system inaugural demo game to be run at Arcanacon
Soothsayer is available in sessions G, H, I and K.

Tumbleweed is now available in TWO more session times, B&G.

Mission Implausible IS available despite being missed out on the hard copy entry form Tournament Availability Chart.

General Info What is Arcanacon anyway? Also general info on tournament policy, where we will be, visitors etc and vital information on the best way to wax your wooden leg.
Special Guest We have a special guest this year - check out who it is.
GM for Arcanacon Would you like to GM for us? We'd love to have you (evil laugh).
Tournament Info Ahh, yes. The tournaments.
Entry form Here it is!
Tournament Availability When can you play what.
Sponsors Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Contact Arcanacon Happy people who would love to hear from you.
Happy Syd 23K animated gif - my first one ever
Other Aussie Cons A link to Peter Lees excellent convention listing. Check out the rest of his site while your there.


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