As it turns out, Arcanaday will not be the first event we run this year. It will be preceeded by a matter of days by Mini-Arc!

Mini-Arc will be a gaming day devoted to miniature games, featuring a number of the events that might, in other years, been held at Arcanacon. For a list of those events and further details, see the Mini-Arc page.

Mini-Arc will be held at the House of War on January 23rd 2016. A single entry fee will be charged for entry, and no further fees will be charged no matter how many games or tournaments you play.


Not a convention, just a games day.

The Arcanacon organisers are happy to announce Arcanaday, one of the first of the short games events we hope to bring you throughout 2016.

Arcanaday will be held at the Kensington Town Hall on Australia Day, January 26th 2016. It will focus on casual boardgames and tabletop roleplaying games. A single entry fee will get you in the door, and then you can put your wallet away because there will be no further fees charged for event participation.

If you wish to run something a little more organised than a casual boardgame at Arcanaday, please email us at Otherwise, stay turned for further details as we iron them out.

Arcanaday: just a games day. Let’s have some fun.

Arcanacon 2016 Cancelled

Regretfully, Arcanacon will not run on the Australia Day weekend in 2016.

Unfortunately the Arcanacon committee has been unable to secure a venue for 2016 suitable for hosting a convention in the style and quality that Arcanacon attendees expect. While the search for a new venue is ongoing and we hope to run Arcanacon in 2017, organising a convention takes time, and we no longer have enough of it to give attendees the Arcanacon you deserve this coming January.

In the meantime, we will be organising a number of smaller events in 2016, possibly starting with a single-day event on the Australia Day weekend in place of the full convention and a dedicated miniatures event slightly later in the year. We hope you will join us then.